October Essentials : 5 favourite products

hi everyone,

Happy birthday October babies

it is my birthday month and i am happy to share with you my favourite 5 products

1. MIRAE Extreme hydro natural moisturizing factor

This mask is super thin . i am so amazed by how it feels like a second skin nicely fit on my skin.

2. Silkygirl colorshine hair dye

i guess these hair dye are very affordable and they are really easy to use. normally i will apply all with a hair dye comb and comb it in , then i will wear a shower cap so that it will not be messy.

For a quick dye , this DIY method is pretty good and fast.

3. Sunsilk smooth management shampoo

This would be my favourite shampoo for the month because my hair was really dry after the hair dye. so a smooth management shampoo helps me to smooth my hair.

it works pretty well for me and my hair texture has improved alot. Also because it effectively removes any hair dye smell. i totally love this 🙂 yeahhh


4 Moist Diane Moroccan argan oil

i have also been using this for my hair. smooth all kinds of entangle that would happen to my hair. Reasonable it is not super oily or greasy to my hair . i am really happy with how it pays off as a home care product. Price is also reasonably affordable. YES i would buy this again.

5. Alba botanical acne dote – Face and body scrub

Yes, this would be my number 1 product when it come to acne. Yes i do have acne problem when i didnt drink alot of water or i get really hot under the weather. so i would say i really love cold weather coz my skin would be of better condition , just need more moisturiser.

During hot weather… this is definately my savior product for acne. the product sort of bite the acne and prevent it for coming out, or if there is an acne, it will kills it. so that’s why i totally love it. YEs i will definately use it and buy it again.

Share with me in the comments down below if there is any products that you would like me to try or send to me , kindly contact me for sponsorship or products that you would like me to try  , my email is gineviwong@gmail.com

xoxo @ginevi

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