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it’s a brand new week.

Have you heard of this
Beauty keeper is from Taiwan and it has products that is not sold here.  Beauty keeper is a one-stop online portal that has all the unique skincare products from Taiwan and it is pretty apprehensive and comprehensive with a variety range of products to choose from. Be sure to always check them out and sign up their newsletter as there is more and more products coming your way.

Beautykeeper was founded to bring innovative, novel and award-winning Taiwanese beauty products closer to you. Discover your unique beauty attitude and fall in love with homegrown Taiwanese brands .

Brightening Firmimg Repair Mask

Be beautiful, and be friendly to the Eart


Essence Mask

say hello to bright and even looking skinbravura.jpg

HANAKA Macaron Facial Mask

Creating delicious looking skin, just like macarons


This is my Beautykeeper box that i got and it come with the Body Magazine.
Body Magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It contains intelligent solutions that are correct and comprehensive for beauty and health.

Stay tune on my review for each products in my monthly products review 🙂


for more information :

xoxo @ginevi

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