Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant 

Teppei-san will be introducing a new concept restaurant, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, at Keong Siak this mid-October.

The key highlight of our new restaurant, charcoal grilled japanese unagi. Our unagi supply will come solely from the Mikawa Isshiki region, which is famous for supplying high quality unagi.

The new location will be led by Chef Nakagawa-san, a veteran in unagi preparation and grilling, having worked in a Mikawa unagi shop for more than 20 years.

This is the night shot of this restaurant. it is right beside a garden. if you come by in the day, do take a day shot and share with me 🙂

The night started off with tasting the cocktail tasting in sample size . there are a total of 4 types. i tried all but only have 3 of them which i like most… the one that i didn’t post is called “HOME RUN” which is made of Gin, Yuzu, soda water

This one is everyone favourites of the day at my table area… it should be called.Bubbles bubbles.  Made of kyoho grapes liqeur , berries, calpis , soda water. it is inspired by children’s favourite drink calpis.

The unagi taste the best when it is char-grilled. The chef is very experience in making the unagi grill at the right timing. it is very nice and it is well grilled.

The unagi is so fresh , there is no fishy smell at all. 

The food tasting session run live sessions of Chef Nakagawa-san preparing fresh unagi for grilling.

My Verdict :
Food is very fresh and tasty. I love how is it freshly prepared. The location of the place is near to the MRT station – Outram station . Thus by foot is easily accessible. The ambience of the place is very Japanese setting and is very cosy. it is a place for a nice gathering with friend. For the price point of the meal, it is affordable and also eating freshly prepared unagi is something i really love it. And i would love to go back to visit this restaurant again. Let’s go together 🙂 , email me

i would definately recommand this place as it is a unagi concept restaurant and they are very focus on making unagi meals.

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant  is located at1 KEONG SAlK ROAD, #01-01, SINGAPORE 089109
Facebook : (CLICK HERE) 

Man Man will be officially open on 12 october 2016 🙂 

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