February : A Month of Love : Happy Valentine’s Day!

hi everyone,

Remember my post last year in the month of february : {CLICK HERE}

Yes, February is a month of love, or some especially celebrate love once again this month… for those who are loving sweet and love grows strong, congrats and it is always very sweet to know there is magic and miracle happening in the love between two person.
As for me, love is knowing that i am a reason that make you smile 🙂
That means i do wish that no matter where you are, who you are, what you are… you are not alone. And if you are in love and IN DOUBT … here, some guidelines for you on how do you know you have won his heart.
How do you know when you have won his heart? (Guidelines for you)

– When he wants to show you off to his friends.
– When he can’t wait to bring you home to meet his parents.
– When he calls you during the day to see how you’re doing.
– When he does thoughtful things for you – just because.
– When other men are around you at a party, he’s confident in you, but… keeping his eye on the situation!


Stay Happy Always!

Happy Valentine’s. 🙂

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